What My MBA Did Not Teach Me About Money

The Human and Financial Perspective of Money, Finance, Markets, People, and Life.

The Human and Financial Perspectives of Money

by Sanjit Singh Paul

What My MBA Did Not Teach Me About Money

How we “think” about money is very distinct from how we “feel” about it. While separating the two on paper is easy, sticking to budgets, having financial conversations, calculating risk & reward, following investment plans and preserving wealth is often challenging. This is why personal finance is so hard and making money decisions so tough. What My MBA Did Not Teach Me About Money gives real and practical strategies to work around:

  • money beliefs,
  • hiccups in finance,
  • navigating stock markets,
  • overcoming our own biases and,
  • our vulnerabilities in those special situations when we are most likely to make money mistakes.

Each of the strategies presented in the book are derived from practical experiences of the authors’ own lives and from advising their clients. This book is about bridging the gap between the “feeling” Human Perspective and the “thinking” Financial Perspective of money.

ISBN 978-1-63781-650-9 | NOTION PRESS 2021

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