Our Story

We perceive investing as a continuous spectrum.

Modulor Capital driven by the idea of democratizing strategy-based, system-driven, and solution-oriented investing across the spectrum of equity and asset classes.

The Idea behind Modulor Capital

Investment management for public and private markets is often considered discrete activities carried out by specialist teams.
While private markets are heavy on narratives that flow into numbers, public markets are driven by numbers that create chronicles. Viewed together, the same principles of narratives and numbers play their respective roles with different weights in each of these asset classes.

This philosophy directs our investment style – Quantamental Investing, which involves both number-crunching and understanding stories.

However, from an investor’s perspective, investing is best done in a continuous spectrum, moving from small-ticket/ highly-liquid public markets to large-ticket/ high-return private markets.

Having collaborated on a previous fund, Bhavish and Sanjit resonated on the idea that, unlike investment management, investing in different equity stages need not be discrete activities for investors.

Thinking Modulor

The word Modulor has french origins from the words Module and Or (Gold). Modulor translates to “Module of the Golden Section”.
Modulor is a range of harmonious measurements to suit the human scale. The system was developed as a visual bridge between two incompatible scales. It is based on the harmony of human measurements, the Fibonacci Numbers, and Phi or the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is a pattern that is repeated in nature from galaxies to seashells, including all over the human body.

The Modulor Man was created by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret or Le Corbusier. The famous Swiss-French architect was a designer, painter, urban planner, and the father of what is called Modern Architecture. Notably, Le Corbusier also designed Chandigarh, where Modulor Capital® is headquartered.

Corbusier intended the Modulor Man to be a universally applicable scale to architecture and all things mechanical that relate to human beings.

For us, this extends to finance, where men and numbers meet, interact and create value. Modulor represents the harmonious bridge between human intuition & insight on one end and mathematical & statistical models on the other.

We apply both creativity and hard numbers in our decision-making, whether it is public markets or venture capital.