Our Story

We perceive investing as a continuous spectrum.

Modulor Capital driven by the idea of democratizing strategy-based, system-driven, and solution-oriented investing across the spectrum of equity and asset classes.

The Idea behind Modulor Capital

Our innovative investment strategies and client-focused approaches converge to create a unique investment experience. With precision and a forward-thinking spirit, our investment firm empowers savvy investors with the latest insights and strategies to maximize their investments and stay ahead of the curve.

At Modulor Capital, we believe that investing should not simply be about following conventional strategies, but also about bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the table. Our approach blends traditional investment tactics with cutting-edge solutions, offering a balanced and holistic approach to our clients’ portfolios.

In an industry that can be opaque and inaccessible, we pride ourselves on bringing transparency and clarity to every aspect of our work. Our professional yet approachable style of communication ensures that our clients are fully informed about their investments and understand the rationale behind every decision.

Our investment solutions are tailored to our clients’ specific goals and risk appetites, ensuring that everyone receives a personalized approach that is aligned with their unique financial objectives.

At Modulor Capital, we’re not just investing – we’re innovating. Using robust analytics and strategic insights, we’re always seeking new ways to gain the edge and create value for our clients. Join us in bringing together the best of modern technology and traditional investment tactics to create a brighter financial future for all.

Thinking Modulor

The word Modulor has french origins from the words Module and Or (Gold). Modulor translates to “Module of the Golden Section”.
Modulor is a range of harmonious measurements to suit the human scale. The system was developed as a visual bridge between two incompatible scales. It is based on the harmony of human measurements, the Fibonacci Numbers, and Phi or the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is a pattern that is repeated in nature from galaxies to seashells, including all over the human body.

The Modulor Man was created by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret or Le Corbusier. The famous Swiss-French architect was a designer, painter, urban planner, and the father of what is called Modern Architecture. Notably, Le Corbusier also designed Chandigarh, where Modulor Capital® is headquartered.

Corbusier intended the Modulor Man to be a universally applicable scale to architecture and all things mechanical that relate to human beings.

For us, this extends to finance, where men and numbers meet, interact and create value. Modulor represents the harmonious bridge between human intuition & insight on one end and mathematical & statistical models on the other.

We apply both creativity and hard numbers in our decision-making, whether it is public markets or venture capital.