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Core & Satellite Portfolios across Global Assets.

We believe good investing is not only minimizing risk & maximizing reward but also meeting the key investment objectives of the investor.

Invest Like Institutions

Gaining Institutional Edge

Institutional investors fare better in all kinds of markets because they have a very clear set of investment directives. Alongside, seasoned investors employ very specific investment strategies with a highly disciplined and systematic approach.

Individuals and Families can too invest like institutional and seasoned investors by defining investment objectives into Core and Satellite investment objectives and segregating risks.

Core & Satellite Investing

We have defined 3 Core & 3 Satellite Quantamental Investment Objectives that allow us to create targeted portfolios in public or private markets and across asset classes. Each of these portfolios is designed as a solution to the specific needs of individuals, families, and institutions.
Core Investment Objectives
Satellite Investment Objectives

Core Portfolios

Our 9 Core portfolios invest across asset classes and global markets, especially in India and the U.S., by employing passive low-cost instruments where possible. These portfolios are designed to diversify globally across the largest economies with a focus on India over the long to medium term by using dynamic, tactical, and blended approaches.
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Invest using multi-asset, tactical, blended strategies.

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Satellite Portfolios

Our 9 Satellite portfolios invest in listed and unlisted stocks across the spectrum of equity in India and globally through direct, co-investing, and fund structures. Our satellite portfolios are intended for the short to long-term using value growth and sentiment market cycles.
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Invest using value, growth, and sentiment strategies.

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Know More About our Model Portfolios

We offer professionally advised model portfolios with integrated execution & seamless tracking across:

  • Mutual Funds – India
  • Stocks and ETFs – India
  • Mutual Funds – U.S. & Global
  • Stocks and ETFs – U.S. & Global
  • Venture Capital – India

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Quantamental Construction

Investment Methodology

We view equity as a continuous spectrum starting from large-caps, followed by mid-caps, small-caps, micro-caps, and nano-caps, to mature funded companies and early-stage companies.

A Quantamental Investing approach allows us to construct portfolios across this spectrum. While public markets use more quantitative inputs, private markets still depend more on fundamental reasoning. However, it comes down to designing effective strategies that are systematic in operation and each focused on a particular solution only.

Investment Process

Multi-asset, Listed-equity, and venture capital have unique investment processes that allow us to construct and maintain our strategy-based, system-driven, and solution-oriented portfolios.

Multi-asset portfolios use algorithms to allocate and time markets. These employ the principles of:
✔ Dynamic & Strategic Asset Allocation between Equity, Gold, and Fixed Income.
✔ Tactical Allocation for Equity and Gold based on Market Cycles.
✔ Dynamic Market Cap Allocation on Equity.
✔ Barbell-strategy for taking selective risks and getting better returns.

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Public Listed Equity portfolios use the 5 Stage Investment Process that is repeated every Week, Month, or Quarter.–
✔ Decide whether to enter the market or not.
✔ Disqualify known bad opportunities from the chosen universe.
✔ Rank the qualified universe on multiple factors.
✔ Select the securities exhibiting appropriate patterns.
✔ Combine Fundamental, Quantitative and Technical scores to size the position.

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Quantamental Investing