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Core & Satellite Portfolios across Global Assets.

We believe good investing is not only minimizing risk & maximizing reward but also meeting the key investment objectives of the investor.

Invest Like Institutions

Gaining Institutional Edge

Institutional investors fare better in all kinds of markets because they have a very clear set of investment directives. Alongside, seasoned investors employ very specific investment strategies with a highly disciplined and systematic approach.

Individuals and Families can too invest like institutional and seasoned investors by defining investment objectives into Core and Satellite investment objectives and segregating risks.

Core & Satellite Investing

We have defined 3 Core & 3 Satellite Quantamental Investment Objectives that allow us to create targeted portfolios in public or private markets and across asset classes. Each of these portfolios is designed as a solution to the specific needs of individuals, families, and institutions.
Core Investment Objectives
Satellite Investment Objectives

Core Portfolios

Our 9 Core portfolios invest across asset classes and global markets, especially in India and the U.S., by employing passive low-cost instruments where possible. These portfolios are designed to diversify globally across the largest economies with a focus on India over the long to medium term by using dynamic, tactical, and blended approaches.
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Invest using multi-asset, tactical, blended strategies.

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Satellite Portfolios

Our 9 Satellite portfolios invest in listed and unlisted stocks across the spectrum of equity in India and globally through direct, co-investing, and fund structures. Our satellite portfolios are intended for the short to long-term using value growth and sentiment market cycles.
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Invest using value, growth, and sentiment strategies.

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Listed-equity Investment Process

Learn details about our methodology & process for investeing in listed-equity.

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Venture Capital Portfolios

We are invested in 4 themes through 2 co-investing structures. Our Venture Capital portfolios are intended for long-term investing.


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Know More About our Model Portfolios

We offer professionally advised model portfolios with integrated execution & seamless tracking across:

  • Mutual Funds – India
  • Stocks and ETFs – India
  • Mutual Funds – U.S. & Global
  • Stocks and ETFs – U.S. & Global
  • Venture Capital – India

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