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India’s innovation economy is teeming with opportunities for ambitious investors seeking to be at the forefront of disruptive technologies and game-changing ideas. As a leading venture capital firm, Modulor Capital is committed to fostering innovation and supporting visionary entrepreneurs in India’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Unlocking avenues for Growth and Success

Explore the immense potential of investing in India’s disruptive innovation economy and how partnering with Modulor Capital sets you up for growth as a startup and success as an LP.

India has emerged as a global innovation powerhouse, with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and a rapidly growing startup ecosystem. The country boasts a young and dynamic population hungry for change, and this hunger has fueled the rise of disruptive startups across various sectors. From fintech and e-commerce to health-tech and agri-tech, Indian entrepreneurs are reshaping traditional industries and making waves on the global stage.


At Modulor Capital, our team prides itself on its deep market knowledge and expertise in identifying promising investment opportunities. We understand the Indian innovation landscape and have our finger on the pulse of emerging trends and transformative technologies. Through rigorous research and due diligence, we carefully select startups that have the potential to disrupt their industries and achieve exponential growth.


Investing with Modulor Capital means more than just financial backing. We provide a proprietary growth methodology that has been refined over years of experience and success. Our methodology goes beyond capital infusion, offering strategic guidance, operational expertise, and access to our extensive network of industry leaders. We work hand in hand with founders to help them navigate the challenges and maximize their growth potential.


At Modulor Capital, we don’t just invest in companies; we form partnerships. We believe that by aligning our interests with those of our portfolio companies, we can drive their success and create long-term value. Our team of seasoned investors becomes an extension of your team, providing invaluable support, mentorship, and resources to fuel your growth trajectory. We are your partners in every sense of the word, invested in your success.


Investing in India’s disruptive innovation economy opens doors to a world of untapped market opportunities. India’s robust economy, combined with a rapidly expanding consumer base and government initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, creates an environment ripe for innovation. By investing in India, you position yourself at the forefront of groundbreaking technological advancements and gain exposure to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.


Beyond financial returns, Modulor Capital is committed to making a positive impact through our investments. We actively seek out startups that address critical challenges and drive social change. From sustainable solutions to inclusive technologies, we support ventures that create lasting value for society. By investing in India’s disruptive innovation economy with Modulor Capital, you have the opportunity to make a tangible difference and be part of a purpose-driven movement.

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Modulor Capital seeks to democratize access to venture capital, offering all accredited investors access to India’s most innovative B2B technology companies. We work end-to-end by:
✔ scouting, scrutinizing & structuring deals,
✔ growing investments, and
✔ finding suitable exits.

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SMALL-TO-BIG, for Startups

If you are a pre-MF and post-revenue B2B technology startup looking to scale with hands-on support see :
✔ how we can team up,
✔ get you capital, and
✔ launch you into a growth trajectory.

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Fund Summary

Target Stage Geographic Focus
SEED/ PRE-SERIES A - Post-Product | Post-Revenue | Pre-Profitability India
Fund Size Target Initial Investment
₹ 20 Crores ₹ 50 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs - Significant opportunity for follow-on / co-investment
Target No. Of Investments Typical Pre-money Valuation
12-18 ₹ 5–28 Crores
Investment Committee Investment Team
Vikram Chalana | Sameer Kanwar | Bhavish Sood | Sanjit Singh Paul Pulkit Diwan | Karishma Kapoor | Gaurav Chauhan | Sachin Hittalamane

Investment Themes

There are many roads to significant returns for Investors and many tactics for startups to become successful. However, we keep our focus razor-sharp on our areas of expertise. This is why we invest in specific investment themes by thoroughly researching trends of the times.

Process Automation

Streamlining routine tasks, improving operational efficiency, and accelerating time to market.

Focus Areas: Industrial IoT, Digital Twins, and Robotic Process Automation.


Applied AI

Automating Tasks, Doing Interactions, and Analysing Customer Insights.

Focus Areas: Generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Commerce Tools

Solid Technology Foundation for Scaling Growth in e-Commerce.

Focus Areas: Headless Commerce, Digital Experience Platforms, and Product Information Management.


Solving for Bharat

New business models that improve access for Indians who are at the bottom of the affordability pyramid.

Focus Areas: Financial Products, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Education.

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Empowering Investments for a Sustainable World

At Modulor Capital, we understand the importance of ESG investing, and we have developed a robust system for measuring ESG norms. Here are the key areas we focus on:
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Assessing Absolutes in a World of Realtives.
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