QVGS Indicators

Value, Growth, & Sentiment Across Asset Classes & Geographies

The key to good investment returns lies not in predicting the market, but in accurately describing it at a point in time.

Quantamental Value Growth Sentiment

We implement Quantamental Investing® through our proprietary framework – QVGS® (Quantamental Value Growth Sentiment).

The QVGS framework is applied to equities across geographies. It describes the market cycle of assets, and the state of active and passive investing using the value cycle (quarterly), growth cycle (monthly), and sentiment cycle (weekly) through indicators.

We use 3 indicators to generate Buy, Hold & Sell recommendations on passive and active equity in India and the U.S.

  • ValueScore
  • GrowthMode
  • SentimentMood


QVGS ValueScore

Active & passive value-investing opportunities in India & U.S. equities.

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QVGS GrowthMode

Active & passive growth-investing opportunities in India & U.S. equities.

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QVGS SentimentMood

Active & passive sentiment-trading opportunities in India & U.S. equities.

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