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Strategy-based, System-driven and Solution-oriented Investing

Crunching Numbers & Understanding Stories


Investment management for public and private markets is often considered discrete activities carried out by specialist teams. While private markets are heavy on narratives that flow into numbers, public markets are driven by numbers that create chronicles. Viewed together, the same principles of narratives and numbers play their respective roles with different weights in each of these asset classes.


However, from an investor’s perspective, investing is best done in a continuous spectrum, moving from small-ticket& highly liquid public markets to large-ticket & high-return private markets.

Our methodologies are directed towards understanding market behavior and mapping investor needs, in order to match them.

Quantamental Investing

Investment Methodology

Understanding Market Behaviour

Complex systems such as financial markets do not require complex solutions to generate sophisticated investment results. That is why we overlap multiple schools of analysis, instead of building complicated investment models using a single school such as fundamental, quantitative, or technical. The key is to leverage the strengths and understand the limitations of each school. Overlapping them leads to a sum that is greater than its parts.

Our investment methodology is Quantamental. Quantamental Investing® is the culmination of fundamental, quantitative, and technical schools of investing using the faculties of man and machine. We believe in marrying narratives to numbers across asset classes, especially throughout the spectrum of equity from large caps to venture caps.

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Advisory Methodology

Mapping Investor Needs

Good advice never changes. Yet not all advice is suitable for every individual, family, or institution.

We employ algorithms as a starting point to understand your risk PreferencesCapacity, and Requirements to find a custom financial plan for you to begin with. We then personalize it through one-on-one discussions with human advisers.

To precipitate your risk profile we use a proprietary framework called the PCR Triangle – Preferences Capacity Requirement Triangle, which measures your preference for volatility, your ability to take risks, and the objectives of taking those risks.

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