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Venture Capital Access For Accredited Retail Investors

We aim to provide investors, access to a traditionally exclusive, private asset class. Private investing is all about access to top deals and winning the right to sit on the top cap tables.
Growth Potential

Aims to capture long-term growth through the identification and management of leading assets across major emerging innovation themes. Our approach to partnering with LPs is centered around being a firm that builds a concentrated portfolio and is exit focused.

Operating Mindset

While several successful VCs have no operating background we believe that in order to be true partners to our portfolios an operating background is crucial. To aid this we also have appointed several Operating Partners to help out in areas of growth, product marketing, customer success, and product management.

Grounded in Research

We believe our quantamental approach which marries fundamental, quantitative, and technical styles of investing is best suited for delivering superior returns to our investors. We do extensive research around economies, sectors, and companies and regularly share our thoughts on investing and markets via blogs and webinars.

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