Wealth Management

Customized & Personalized Investment Planning, management and Execution

We use algorithms to discover your Investment Persona, human advisors to define your Investment Agendas, and algorithms again for Investment Management and experts to for Investor Coaching.

Wealth Management

Managing wealth is not a blind pursuit of returns. It involves carefully matching the risks taken up to generate returns (markets) to the needs of the beneficiaries of those returns (investors). We see this as a continuous and life-long cyclical process that is executed in the 4 stages.

I. Understanding Your Investment Persona

Mapping your personality, financial setup and life setup.

II. Discovering and Defining Your Investment Agendas

Discovering your wants and needs and benchmarking to peers.

III. Continuous Investment Management

Managing risks and generating alpha.

IV. Investor Coaching with experts

Behavioural coaching to bridge the human and financial differences.

Investment Persona

Every individual is unique. Every family has different needs. That is why we focus on understanding you more than anything else.


Our first step is defining your Risk Profile using our proprietary risk assessment framework – The PCR Triangle. This allows us to distil the asset classes, instruments, investment universe, and investment styles suitable for your investment agendas.

The PCR Triangle

The PCR Triangle separately assesses various aspects of your Risk Preferences (P), Risk Capacity (C), and Risk Requirement (R). The framework defines your Investment Persona as 1 of 36 configurations to begin with. This allows us to find a suitable set of strategies that work to meet your life and personal goals while ensuring the safety of your money and giving it optimum exposure to suitable risks.

Risk Preference

Risk Preference is rooted in your personality and linked to volatility. It determines the Asset Classes and the Equity Market Cap exposure in your core & satellite portfolios. We define 3 Risk Preferences.

Risk Capacity

Capacity is defined by your current financial setup and is lined to ticket size. It determines the barbell allocation between your Core & Satellite portfolios along with the investment universe. We define 4 Risk Capacities.

Risk Requirement

Risk Requirement is based on the stage of life you are in and is linked to your key investment agenda. It determines the dominant investment style of your portfolio. We define 3 Risk Requirements.
Evaluate Your Risk Profile

We employ algorithms to understand your Risk Profile through our proprietary framework called the PCR Triangle®.

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Investment Agendas

Good investment outcomes are closely linked with clear-cut Investment Agendas. That is why we spend one-on-one time with you to discover yours.

Discovering Agendas

Agendas personal to you allow us to customize your investment plan and set up appropriate account structures to invest. These include agendas already clear as well as considering themes that your wealth-peers are working on. Themes are structured around life, desires, and needs and are funded using a cascading Waterfall Model.

The Waterfall Model

Themes for life, desires, and needs correspond to the waterfalls of Wealth, Goals and Cash-flow. Each waterfall serves predefined specific investment agendas which may be optional or simply weaved into the structure of life and has dedicated Core and Satellite investment strategies. This gives your portfolio a multi-asset & multi-strategy exposure with algorithmic decision-making and professional management, giving you the same edge as institutional investors and seasoned investors.

Structured Around Life

The Wealth Waterfall is designed to cover Contingencies, saving for Retirement, creating Wealth, and leaving a Legacy using Multi-asset and Value strategies.


Structured Around Desires

The Goals Waterfall is designed to cover Emotional Targets like a house, and Material Needs like vacations using Tactical-equity and Growth strategies.


Structured Around Needs

The Cash-flow Waterfall is designed to cover basic Household Expenses as well as Discretionary Spending using Blended and Sentiment strategies.

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Investment Management

Investing for clear-cut agendas requires precisely managed investment strategies. This is why we do not rely on outside investment management that is marketed through returns but is opaque about the risks involved.


We recognize the strengths of both human insights and machine analysis when investing. Armed with this knowledge we invest using rigorously tested and thoroughly applied processes. Processes give our strategies the reliability of institutions and the specialization of seasoned investors. We apply both creativity and numbers using our proprietary investment framework the QVGS.

The QVGS Framework

The QVGS or (Quantamental Value Growth Sentiment) Framework is designed to use Fundamental, Quantitative and Technical analyses to operate a wide variety of Core and Satellite strategies. This provides us with a large spectrum of risk-reward profiles that can be mapped to individual investment agendas. There are 6 investment styles that run as processes across 4 instrument types executed using world-class infrastructure access.

Investment Styles

  1. Dynamic
  2. Tactical
  3. Blended
  4. Value
  5. Growth
  6. Sentiment

Instrument Types

  • India Mutual Funds & ETFs
  • Global ETFs
  • India Stocks
  • U.S. Stocks

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Invest using multi-asset, tactical, blended strategies.

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Invest using value, growth, and sentiment strategies.

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Investor Coaching

We are a team! That is why we choose to invest in you as we invest for you. Good investor outcomes are linked to investor awareness about how things work in the markets. Learning about markets, investment strategies and investment structures has direct benefits for you.


We spend time with you to make you understand the behaviour of markets. The learning is experiential and requires key events in markets to happen for us to find the right coaching moments to evolve your understanding. At the same time, we also spend time teaching you about how different investment strategies operate and why they are suitable for different investment agendas. Finally, we make you see through different investment structures and instruments and become an expert in finding inefficiencies. We do this through the Modulor Wealth Fellowship.

Modulor Wealth Fellowship

The Modulor Wealth Fellowship is an informal coaching program that takes up to 3 years to complete. We encourage you to ask questions and expand your grasp of markets and investing. There are 3 key modules that cover various topics in one-on-one and group sessions.

Markets Module

Covers market cycles, dynamic asset allocation, tactical investing, value investing, growth investing and sentiment investing.

Strategies Module

Cover risk management, position sizing, diversification and portfolio construction.

Structures Module

Covers asset classes, instruments, geographies, tax optimization and specific account structures.
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