Institutional Asset Advisory

Steering collective & perpetual entities to more wealth

Institutional Investing

Institutional clients including funds, incubators, family offices, and foundations have unique needs because of:

  1. the defined finite or perpetual timeframes they operate in, as well as
  2. the structural obligations toward their beneficiaries/participants.

Modulor Capital provides independent advice and investment management services to meet every institution’s mission and fulfill its unique liabilities or needs. We combine market experience with structured advice along with easy access to a wide variety of market instruments to ensure that you attain the specific goals of your organization.

We layer simple analyses to form sophisticated investment strategies that are time-tested, stable, and robust. This uncomplicated approach brings out the best rewards with managed risk over long-time frames. Our portfolios are easy to understand, tactically managed, operationally efficient, low-cost, transparent, and liquid.

We work with institutional clients in a number of ways


✔ Condensing investment objectives and defining risk profile.
✔ Establishing investment policy and preparing written guidelines.
✔ Identifying qualifying asset classes & investment strategies.

Public Markets

✔ Portfolio construction and management using Quantamental Investing strategies.
✔ Diversified portfolio for Growth, Accumulation, and Preservation of capital.
✔ Continuous instrument selection, cost and tax optimization taxes, and risk monitoring.

Private Markets

✔ Access to early-stage investing through direct and fund channels.
✔ Portfolio monitoring and accounting.
✔ Sourcing exits and up rounds for investments.