Galactic Evergreen

Multi-asset tactical Investing for Wealth


Core portfolio designed to create a basic wealth corpus for beginner investors.

  • Risk: Conservative and above
  • Type: Core Portfolio
  • Advisory Fee: 2.0% p.a.
  • Min investment: INR 25,000

Portfolio Strategy

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Continuous growth curve with algorithmic change in allocation between equity, gold, and debt.

Tactical Management

Better returns with timing of entries and exits in cyclical asset classes (equity and gold) using algorithms.

Dynamic Market Cap Allocation

Optimized volatility exposure with systematic change in exposure to different market caps.

Barbell Strategy

Lower drawdowns by switching from 100% to 0% exposure to risky assets, generating a time-weighted asset allocation.

Key Parameters



Holding Period

Medium-term, 5 Years and beyond

Ticket Size

Minimum INR 25,000 and up to INR 25,00,000 (recommended).

Review Frequency

Monthly review for rebalancing and tactical change


3 Configurations: SAVE - Low | GROW - Medium | PRIME - High

Model Portfolio

Factual Returns Information. Please read the Disclaimer Note below.

Disclaimer Note: The above charts tables and figures are a tool to communicate factual return information only & should not be seen as an advertisement or promotion of any sort. All factual return information including graphs & numbers are calculated using backtested & live data and include rebalances. Past performance doesn’t include trading costs, applicable taxes, & fees, or in no way guarantees future returns. Actual performance will depend on the exact execution price, costs & taxes which may vary for each investor. Investors should thoroughly understand the investment strategy apart from factual returns information in order to make informed investing decisions.

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The volatility, ticket size, and purpose of the portfolio are determined by its exposure to asset classes, instruments, and investment styles employed respectively. Combined together, these parameters describe the suitability of the strategy.
Risk Preferences
PCR - Conservative

  • Asset-classes/ Market Cap: Equity (NIFTY 50) | Gold | Overnight Debt
  • Peak Volatility: Low

PCR - Balanced

  • Asset-classes/ Market Cap: Equity (NIFTY 50 + NIFTY NEXT 50) | Gold | Overnight Debt
  • Peak Volatility: Medium

PCR - Aggressive

  • Asset-classes/ Market Cap: Equity (NIFTY 50 + NIFTY NEXT 50) | Gold | Overnight Debt
  • Peak Volatility: High

Risk Capacity
PCR - Beginner Investor

  • Instruments: Exchange Traded Funds
  • Investment Universe: Multi-asset

Risk Reqruirement

  • Investment Style: Dynamic asset allocation
  • Waterfall Category: Wealth

Evaluate Your Risk Profile

We employ algorithms to understand your Risk Profile through our proprietary framework called the PCR Triangle®.

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Quantamental Investment Objectives

Investment Objectives - Growth

The inherent drive to thrive as much as others. Attained through exposure to broad-based equity.

Investment Objectives - Accumulation

The ability to survive through protracted tough times that may happen in the short to long term. Attained through exposure to gold.

Investment Objectives - Preservation

Preparing for rough patches in a timeframe of up to 1 year in order to meet the need for safety. Attained through exposure to overnight debt.