Ready-made Investment Plans

For Individuals and Families

Invest in plans for creating wealth, achieving life goals, or generating cash-flow.

We understand one size does not fit everyone which is why our investment plans are customizable and personalized to your life’s plans.

Invest like Institutions

Invest Like Institutions

Institutional investors fare better in all kinds of markets because they have a very clear set of investment directives.

Alongside this, seasoned investors employ very specific investment strategies with a highly disciplined and systematic approach.

Individuals and Families can too invest like institutional and seasoned investors by:

  • defining a purpose for investment, and
  • following a plan.

Waterfall Model

We offer customizable investment plans as a sequence of portfolios with incremental return-risk profiles. These portfolios are :

  • professionally managed,
  • use sophisticated systematic strategies, and
  • are spread across asset classes

to provide individuals and families with the desired investing edge.

The Plans follow the Waterfall Model which ensures that required needs are funded first and the excess spills into funding desires.

You set the priorities, we ensure they are aptly met, step-by-step.

Investment Plans
Investment Plans

Why Investment Plans?

Investment Plans ensure that investors only focus on funding the plan and everything else is taken care of by the wealth adviser.

Since similar themes operate in the lives of many investors, Investment Plans cover everything weaved in the structure of life, whether it is:

  • the desires you think of, or
  • the needs you may have overlooked.

Explore Investment Plans

At Modulor Capital®, we have identified three important themes operating in the lives of individuals and families – Wealth, Goals, and Cash-flow.

Looking for a Specific Solution

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As SEBI Registered Investment Advisers we are mandated to fiduciary responsibility. With commissions and paybacks out of the way, our compensation is strictly aligned with our clients. This means we are committed to lower costs, better returns, and best risk management practices. We charge a percentage of the portfolio value as our fee and work hard to ensure we make every bit worth it.

We do not charge separately for creating & customizing investment plans. It is included in the pricing of our portfolios.

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