Satellite Investing

Satellite Investing portfolios are designed for Capital-aapreciation, Profit-generation and Income-creation. These provide individuals, families and institutions higher than market returns with compartmentalized risks.

Satellite Principles

Specific principles are used for the construction of Satellite portfolios. These are as follows:

Diversified Equity Satellite Portfolios

The Sapien Suite family of portfolios

Short to medium-term capital appreciation is possible through selective trading in the stock markets. Consistently generating profits through trading is a challenge for any investor. However, the use of algorithms drastically changes the landscape and provides consistency by:

  • Identifying recurring patterns.
  • Systematically covering the investment journey in short sprints, rather than long marathons.

The Sapien Suite provides performance by gaining faster than the broad market in “good times” and preserving those gains in bad times using 4 strategies combined to make 4 portfolios. The defined universe is multi-cap.

The sapien suite

Direct Equity Portfolios

made using Stocks and ETFs

Inspiration Behind the Sapien Suite

The Sapien Suite is inspired by the human body, which was used as a measure of length by the Ancient Egyptians and takes the shape of golden spirals.

A Cubit is a length of the human arm from the elbow joint to the tip of the middle finger.

A Palm is the second unit, which is measured as the length from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

Further, the length of the finger is called a Digit, and the length of the top section of the thumb is called an Inch.

When a closed fist is made with the wrist bent, the corresponding shape is a Golden Spiral.

Focused Equity Satellite Portfolios

The Fluid Suite family of portfolios

The fluid suite

Market-cap or Size is a well-established quantitative factor for generating out-performance. Market-cap is directly correlated to returns and inversely correlated to safety and liquidity. However, by identifying and isolating specific security behavioral patterns, consistent profits with compounding characteristics can be generated in the short term. This implies that the benefits of smaller size companies (higher returns) can be enjoyed with a lower downside (drawdowns).

The Fluid Suite provides performance by trading consistent patterns found in stocks using 3 strategies combined to make 3 portfolios. The defined universe is large to micro-cap.

Direct Equity Portfolios

made using Stocks and ETFs

Inspiration Behind the Fluid Suite

The Fluid Suite is inspired by the motion of air and water (fluids) in the various natural phenomenon on planet Earth. The planet is a complex system that uses these natural phenomena to dissipate built-up energy.

Waves are the resulting motion of energy dissipation between 2 fluid media – air and water.

A Tornado is a vertical column of air dissipating energy from the air over land.

A Hurricane is a large and widespread energy dissipation of air over the sea as well as land.

Each of these phenomena has a geometry that is made up of 1 or more Golden Spirals.


Thematic Equity Satellite Portfolios

The Butterfly Suite family of portfolios

A butterfly flapping its wings at one end of the planet today can brew a storm at the other end tomorrow.

Long-term capital appreciation through stocks is highly dependent on the initial conditions of today, to realize outsized returns in the future. This requires:

  • Identifying the Relevant Themes
  • Find the Right Securities to Represent these Themes
  • Systematic Handholding Till the Realization of Profits

The Butterfly Suite provides outsized returns by identifying the “small” of today and curating it into the “big” of tomorrow through 2 strategies representing 2 portfolios. Portfolios follow a sector/ industry or emerging themes.

The butterfly suite

Direct Equity Portfolios

made using Stocks and ETFs

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