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Sapien Cubit

Medium-term Capital Appreciation using Growth Market-cycle in Large, Mid & Small Cap Stocks


The Cubit Portfolio is exposed to Indian Equities through a diversified-equity strategy based on the Growth market-cycle that runs over a universe comprising of the top 500 stocks by market capitalization in order to Appreciate Capital and is useful for funding time-critical but aspirational goals.

Satellite Investment Objectives

of the Cubit Portfolio

Rolling Returns

The Cubit Portfolio shows superior 5 Year Rolling Returns in comaprison to NSE500 (benchmark)

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Sapien Cubit smallcase by Modulor Capital

Recent Performance

1, 3 and 5 Year Equity Curves

5 Year

Equity Curve

3 Year

Equity Curve

1 Year

Equity Curve

Portfolio Features

Solutions, System & Strategy


Investment Objective

Satellite Portfolio
  • Generate returns to grow wealth with a time horizon of 5 years and beyond
  • Gain by exploiting the Growth market-cycle
  • Start with a minimum lump sum and add more using SIP or lump sum at any schedule


Diversified Equity
  • 20 Stocks (Multi-cap Universe)
  • Quantitative ✓ | Fundamental ✕ | Technical ✓
  • Monthly Signal Review
  • Low Churn
  • Delivery-based & Long-only
  • Majority of trades fall under LTCG

Investment Process

Cubit Algorithm

Stage (Component)

  1. Tactical Stage (Market-trend)
  2. Red-flag Stage (Liquidity filters | Filters for crashed stocks)
  3. Yellow-flag Stage (Momentum factor | Stock-trend)
  4. Green-flag Stage (Stock patterns)
  5. Risk-management Stage (Stock-trend)

Preferences, Capacity & Requirements

Risk Preferences

Exposure to volatility


Suitable for:
Low ✕ | Medium ✓ | High ✓

Risk Capacity

Minimum ticket size of investment

  • Recommended Capital Ceiling: 3.5 Cr.
  • Minimum Capital: 10 Lac.
  • Ticket Size: Low ✕ | Medium ✕ | High ✓
Risk Requirements

Minimum Holding Period

5 Years+
  • Medium-term (to be realized after 5 years or beyond)
  • On achieving recommended ceiling excess capital to be retired for de-risking

Practical Uses

Goals Waterfall
  • Use Expected Returns to compute the CAGR required for goal funding.
  • Goal Attributes: Funding  | Aspirational | Time-critical
Comparison with Benchmark

The NIFTY 500 represents the top 500 companies based on full market capitalisation and average daily turnover from the eligible universe.

Equity Curve

The Cubit Portfolios exhibits a Burst Return Profile.

Log Equity Curve

The Log equity curve shows the effect of Tactical Management by smoothening the equity curve especially during bear markets when the likelihood of sharp drawdowns is high.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics show the clear superiority of the portfolio in comparison to its benchmark.

Recent Returns

Recent Returns are not always indicative of portfolio performance in the future.

Invest in the Cubit Portfolio

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Through smallcase.com

A smallcase is a basket of stocks that reflects an idea.

Sapien Cubit smallcase by Modulor Capital

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Through Wealthdesk.in

WealthBasket reflects an investment strategy, theme or an idea.

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Sapien Suite

Diversified-Equity Portfolios for Short to Medium-term Capital Appreciation

The Sapien Family of Portfolios

Short to medium-term capital appreciation is possible through selective trading in the stock markets. Consistently generating profits through trading is a challenge for any investor. However, the use of algorithms drastically changes the landscape and provides consistency by:

  • Identifying Recurring Patterns
  • Systematically Covering the Investment Journey in Short Sprints, Rather than Long Marathons.

The Sapien Suite provides performance by gaining faster than the broad market in “good times” and preserving those gains in bad times using 5 strategies combined to make 4 portfolios. The defined universe is multi-cap.

Inspiration Behind The Sapien Suite

The Sapien Suite is inspired by the human body, which was used as a measure of length by the Ancient Egyptians and takes the shape of golden spirals.

A Cubit is the length of the human arm from the elbow joint to the tip of the middle finger.

A Palm is the second unit, which is measured as the length from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

Further, the length of the finger is called a Digit, and the length of the top section of the thumb is called an Inch.

When a closed fist is made with the wrist bent, the corresponding shape is a Golden Spiral.