QVGS Galactic milestones

Galactic Milestones

Long-term Capital Growth
using Tactically Managed Equity


The Milestones portfolio is exposed to Indian Equities through broad-based indices in order to and is useful to grow capital with dynamically-allocated and tactically managed market cap.

Core Investment Objectives

of the Milestones Portfolio

3 Configurations

The Milestones portfolios comes in 3 configurations - Concervative (C), Balanced (B) & Aggressive (A)
suitable for different Risk Profiles

Milestones C

Long-term Capital Growth through Bluechip Largecap Companies.

  • Suitable for: Conservative risk profile
  • Exposed to NIFTY50 and Equity Arbitrage.
Milestones B

Long-term Capital Growth through Largecap Companies.

  • Suitable for: Moderately Conservative & Balanced risk profile
  • Exposed to NIFTY50, NIFTY NEXT50, and Equity Arbitrage.
Milestones A

Long-term Capital Growth through Largecap and Midcap Companies.

  • Suitable for: Moderately Aggressive & Aggressive risk profile
  • Exposed to NIFTY50, NIFTY NEXT50, MIDCAP150 and Equity Arbitrage.

Invest in the Galactic Milestones Portfolio

Rolling Returns

The Milestones Portfolios shows superior 10 Year Rolling Returns in comaprison to the respective benchmarks

Recent Returns

3, 5 and 10 Year Performance

Recent Returns are not an indicator of future performance.

Portfolio Features

Solutions, System & Strategy


Investment Objective

Core Portfolio
  • Grow wealth with a time horizon of 10 years and beyond
  • Gain by investing in Tactically-managed Broad-based Equity portfolios.
  • Start with a minimum lump sum and add more using SIP or lump sum at any schedule


  • 1 Asset Classes (India Equity)
  • Monthly Signal Review for India Equity
  • Low Churn
  • Majority of trades fall under LTCG
  • Mutual Funds holdings only

Portfolio Features

Cygnus Algorithm
  1. Strategic Asset Allocation
  2. Strategic & Tactical Barbell Principle
  3. Tactical Management for Growth & Preservation Assets

Preferences, Capacity & Requirements

Risk Preferences

Exposure to volatility


Suitable for: All Risk Profiles

Risk Capacity

Minimum ticket size of investment

  • Minimum Capital: 1 Lac.
  • Ticket Size: Low ✕ | Medium ✓ | High ✓
Risk Requirements

Minimum Holding Period

10 Years+
  • Long-term (to be realized after 10 years or beyond)

Practical Uses

Goals Waterfall
  • Use Expected Returns to compute the CAGR required for goal funding.
  • Goal Attributes: Funding  | Essential | Time-critical
Asset Allocation

Meeting the Investment Objectives of the Milestones Portfolio

Dynamic Marketcap Allocation
  • Dynamic Market Cap allocation varies allocation between market cap basis a formula that is linked to a set of variables such as time, economic measures, ratios, etc.
  • Inter-asset Dynamic Asset Allocation: The portfolio dynamically allocates capital between the Cygnus sub-portfolio’s primary asset (EQUITY) and alternate asset (ARBITRAGE). The change is triggered when the Tactical status of any of the Index changes from in-market to out-of-market or vice versa. When all the market caps are out-of-market and the market is likely to face volatility, the portfolio chooses volatility exposure (equity arbitrage) as the preferred option.
  • Intra-asset Dynamic Allocation: Within the Cygnus sub-portfolio capital is allocated to different market caps based on a formula to maximize the output of the Growth asset – equity.
  • The Milestones portfolio is rebalanced every month to meet the target asset allocation between NIFTY50, NIFTY NEXT50 (NIFTY JUNIOR), MIDCAP150, and ARBITRAGE.
  • The default variance from the target asset allocation is 5%.
  • When any of the components undergo a change in Tactical Management, i.e. from in-market to out-of-market (or vice versa), the funds are reallocated to the balance asset classes or are moved to volatility exposed assets i.e. ARBITRAGE
Long Term Performance

Long Term Equity Curve and Stats

The Milestones Portfolios exhibit a Burst Return Profile.
A note on Burst Return Profile

Invest in the Milestones Portfolio

You can invest through our partner Administration Platform.

Galactic Suite

Multi-Asset Broad-Market Portfolios for Preservation, Accumulation & Growth
using Mutual Funds

The Galactic Family of Portfolios

When you decide to invest for your future self, be it 10, 20, 30, or 50 years from today, we respect your choice that requires a long-term commitment. During this time you may encounter:

  • Turbulence in the markets
  • Personal challenges

Investment portfolios suffer the greatest damage when these events coincide (need for money and drop in portfolio value). The Galactic Suite provides a comfortable and doable investment journey while avoiding unsavory outcomes using 5 strategies combined to make 5 portfolios for the long to medium term.

Inspiration Behind The Galactic Suite

The Galactic Suite is inspired by The Milky Way galaxy, which has 5 arms in the shape of Golden Spirals. 5 itself is a Fibonacci number.

Correspondingly, the Galactic Suite’s portfolios, are themselves a portfolio of 5 strategies representing the 5 arms of the Milky Way.

Each of these strategies gives exposure to a separate asset class and is named after the arms of the Milky Way galaxy:

  1. Cygnus
  2. Perseus
  3. Sagittarius
  4. Scutum-Crux
  5. Norma