QVGS Fluid tornado

Fluid Tornado

Medium-term Capital Appreciation
using Deep-value picks in small & micro caps


The Tornado Portfolio is exposed to Indian Equities through a focused-equity strategy based on deep value opportunities run over a universe comprising of the small and micro-cap stocks in order to Appreciate Capital.

Satellite Investment Objectives

of the Tornado Portfolio

Rolling Returns

The Tornado Portfolio shows superior Rolling Returns in comparison to NIFTY MICROCAP 250 (benchmark)

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Fluid Tornado smallcase by Modulor Capital

Recent Performance

1, 3 and 5 Year Equity Curves

5 year

Equity Curve

3 year

Equity Curve

1 year

Equity Curve

Portfolio Features

Solutions, System & Strategy


Investment Objective

Satellite Portfolio
  • Generate returns to grow wealth with a time horizon of 5 years and beyond
  • Exploit consistent deep-value patterns in stock prices
  • Start with a minimum lump sum and add more using SIP or lump sum at any schedule
  • On achieving recommended ceiling excess capital to be retired for de-risking


Focussed Equity
  • 20 Stocks (Multi-cap Universe)
  • Quantitative ✓ | Fundamental ✓ | Technical ✓
  • Monthly Signal Review
  • Low Churn
  • Delivery-based & Long-only
  • Majority of trades fall under LTCG

Investment Process

Tornado Algorithm

Stage (Component)

  1. Tactical Stage (Market-trend)
  2. Red-flag Stage (Liquidity filters | Filters for crashed stocks)
  3. Yellow-flag Stage (Mean-reversion factor | Stock-trend | Value -factor)
  4. Green-flag Stage (Stock patterns)
  5. Risk-management Stage (Stock-trend)

Preferences, Capacity & Requirements

Risk Preferences

Exposure to volatility


Suitable for:
Low ✕ | Medium✕ | High ✓

Risk Capacity

Minimum ticket size of investment

  • Recommended Capital Ceiling: 25 Lac.
  • Minimum Capital: 5 Lac.
  • Ticket Size: Low ✕ | Medium ✕ | High ✓
Risk Requirements

Minimum Holding Period

5 Years+
  • Medium-term (to be realized after 5 years or beyond)
  • On achieving recommended ceiling excess capital to be retired for de-risking
Comparison with Benchmark

The SMALLCAP 250 represents the 251 to 500 top companies based on full market capitalisation and average daily turnover from the eligible universe.

Equity Curve

The Tornado Portfolios exhibits a Burst Return Profile.

Log Equity Curve

The Log equity curve shows the effect of Tactical Management by smoothening the equity curve especially during bear markets when the likelihood of sharp drawdowns is high.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics show the clear superiority of the portfolio in comparison to its benchmark.

Recent Returns

Recent Returns are not always indicative of portfolio performance in the future.

Invest in the Tornado Portfolio

You can invest through your existing broker integrated with our partner Administration Platforms.

Through smallcase.com

A smallcase is a basket of stocks that reflects an idea.

Fluid Tornado smallcase by Modulor Capital

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Through Wealthdesk.in

WealthBasket reflects an investment strategy, theme or an idea.

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Fluid Suite

Focused-Equity Portfolios for Short to Medium-term Positional Trading

The Fluid Family of Portfolios

Market-cap or Size is a well-established quantitative factor for generating out-performance. Market-cap is directly correlated to returns and inversely correlated to safety and liquidity. However, by identifying and isolating specific security behavioral patterns, consistent profits with compounding characteristics can be generated in the short term. This implies that the benefits of smaller size companies (higher returns) can be enjoyed with a lower downside (drawdowns).

The Fluid Suite provides performance by trading consistent patterns found in stocks using 3 strategies combined to make 4 portfolios. The defined universe is large to micro-cap.

Inspiration Behind The Fluid Suite

The Fluid Suite is inspired by the motion of air and water (fluids) in the various natural phenomenon on planet Earth. The planet is a complex system that uses these natural phenomena to dissipate built-up energy.

Waves are the resulting motion of energy dissipation between 2 fluid media – air and water.

A Tornado is a vertical column of air dissipating energy from air over land.

A Hurricane is large and widespread of energy dissipation of air over the sea as well as land.

Each of these phenomena has a geometry that is made up of 1 or more Golden Spirals.