QVGS Continental income

Continental Income

PASSIVE INCOME-CREATION mutual fund core portfolio for replacement or supplementing income along with principal preservation


The Continental Income portfolio is exposed to Indian Fixed Income through Corporate and Government Bonds. It invests to preserve capital and create income using a multi-asset and multi-strategy approach.

The portfolio is useful for income replacement or supplementation.

Updated quarterly, the portfolio is suitable for Conservative risk profile

Core Investment Objectives

of the Income Portfolio

Satellite Investment Objectives

of the Income Portfolio

Portfolio Features

Solutions, System & Strategy


Investment Objective

Core Portfolio
  • Preserve wealth with a time horizon of 10 years and beyond
  • Gain by investing in Multi-asset & Multi-strategy portfolios
  • Create income for replacement cash-flow or supplementation cash-flow


  • 2 Asset Classes (Corporate Bonds | Government Bonds)
  • Quarterly Fund Review for Corporate & Government Bonds
  • Mutual Funds holdings only

Portfolio Features

  1. Strategic Asset Allocation
  2. 2-D Diversification for 2 Asset creating 5 Risk Configurations
  3. Strategic Barbell Principle

Preferences, Capacity & Requirements

Risk Preferences

Exposure to volatility


Suitable for: All Risk Profiles

Risk Capacity

Minimum ticket size of investment

  • Minimum Capital: 10 Lac.
  • Ticket Size: Low ✕ | Medium ✕ | High ✓
Risk Requirements

Minimum Holding Period

10 Years+
  • Long-term (to be realized after 10 years or beyond)

Practical Uses

Cash-flow Waterfall

Best used to:

  • Create Replacement Cash-flow
  • Create Supplementation Cash-flow
Asset Allocation

Meeting the Investment Objectives of the Foundation Portfolio

Glide-path Investing

Strategic Asset Allocation

Age-decade-linked Glide Path
  • A Glide Path is a strategic asset allocation that changes with age by moving to more conservative assets as individuals mature.
  • The Income portfolio uses an Age-decade-linked Glide Path that moves from a higher allocation to Corporate Bonds in the 20s to a higher allocation to Government Bonds beyond the 60s.
  • Corporate and Government assets form a Strategic Barbell between asset classes which moves its balance with time.
  • Allocation does not change every year since it is not tax-efficient, but only changes once a decade as individuals mature and enter different phases of their lives.
Preservation Assets

The Investment Objective of Parking Capital in Safe Assets

India Corporate Bonds

Managed using the Gulf Algorithm

Features of the Gulf Sub-Portfolio

  • Takes exposure to short-duration corporate debt with a duration from 1 to up to 3 years.
  • Mixes different proportions of 100% AAA, 90% AAA and 80% AAA debt funds in various proportions to form 5 different risk configurations.
India Government Bonds

Managed using the Africa Algorithm

Features of the Africa Sub-Portfolio

  • Takes exposure to fixed and variable duration government debt with a duration greater than 3 years.
  • Mixes different proportions of fixed maturity and variable maturity government debt funds in various proportions to form 5 different risk configurations.
Invest in the Income Portfolio

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Continental Suite

Multi-Asset Portfolios for Growth, Preservation, Income-creation and Profit-generation.

The Continental Family of Portfolios

Specific needs such as Income Generation and Tax Saving need specific solutions. Hard-earned capital used for income generation requires:

  • Capital Preservation
  • Maximum Availability of Income
  • Tax Efficiency

Tax savings employs locked-in solutions which are volatile and require de-risking capital by profit-taking. The Continental Suites provides specifically tailored solutions that can easily be implemented using 3 strategies combined to make 2 portfolios.

Inspiration Behind The Continental Suite

The Continental Suite is inspired by The continental features on the earth shaped as Golden Spirals. A golden spiral is a natural shape in which continental features fold when faced with tectonic forces.

  1. Gulf is inspired by the shape of the Gulf of Mexico
  2. Africa is inspired by the shape of the the African continent
  3. Himalaya is inspired by the shape of the Himalayan Range folding at the Pamir Knot and the constant erosion of the mountains as they grow.