Tailor-made Model Portfolios

For Seasoned and Institutional Investors

Invest in model Core & Satellite portfolios with defined investment objectives across asset classes using strategy-based mutual funds and stock portfolios.

Investment methodology


At Modular Capital, we offer multi-asset and equity focussed core and satellite portfolios.

Core and Satellite investing offer seasoned and institutional investors a chance to outperform the markets while still enjoying the benefits of tax efficiency, lowering overall portfolio volatility and at lower costs.


Modulor Capital Pricing


As SEBI Registered Investment Advisers we are mandated to fiduciary responsibility. With commissions and paybacks out of the way, our compensation is strictly aligned with our clients. This means we are committed to lower costs, better returns, and best risk management practices. We charge a percentage of the portfolio value as our fee and work hard to ensure we make every bit worth it.

  • Mutual Funds are priced with a slab structure with a decreasing percentage as corpus increases.
  • Stock & ETF Portfolios are priced at a fixed percentage.

Advisory With Execution

We offer integrated advice and execution for your convenience through our partner plaforms.