Systematic yet Personalized.

Strategy-Based, System-Driven, and Solution-Oriented investing so that you only focus on what you want and we focus on how to get it done. We believe in leaving little to human discretion when making investment decisions so that you can personalize our solutions to realize your investment goals.

Investment goals
Investment methodology

Strategy-based investing drives emotions out of buy, sell, and allocation calls, creating room for logical and statistical decision-making. Each of our strategies is designed to generate desired risk-reward characteristics and is driven by core investment principles of:

  • Intra-asset, inter-asset, and geographic diversification.
  • Position-sizing.
  • Market cycles.
  • Low-expenses.
  • Compounding.
  • Risk management.
  • Periodic de-risking.
  • Capital preservation.
Strategies are executed as algorithms for efficient and error-free execution and minimizing costs. We employ 14 investment strategies in combination or as stand-alone through 11 portfolios across a multi-asset universe of Indian equity, US equity, gold, corporate bond, and government bonds.


Each of our strategies is run as processes that are reviewed either Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly. This is done across instruments like mutual funds as well as stocks. Whether it rains or shines our systems execute to a schedule that is known in advance.

System-driven also means we always know where to deploy new capital and also know how to redeem. This ensures your hard-earned capital is:

  • Always working.
  • Well preserved.
  • Readily available.
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Solution oriented

Strategies are clubbed together as portfolios suitable for specific investor needs, spanning:

  • Funding contingencies.
  • Creating psychological buffers.
  • Saving for retirement.
  • Accumulating wealth.
  • Creating new wealth.
  • Building a legacy.
  • Funding goals.
  • Financing luxuries.
  • Creating passive income flows.
  • Generating profits.

We offer two solutions-oriented approaches.

  • Customizable investment plans for individuals and families that are a sequence of specific portfolios for wealth, goals, and cash-flow.
  • Portfolios suited for seasoned and institutional investors based on asset class and instruments.
Our multi-disciplinary investment methodology is
Quantamental Investing®. We use it to implement multi-strategy and multi-asset portfolios through the QVGS framework.
Our investment methodology is
Quantamental Investing®

Quantamental Investing® is the culmination of Fundamental, Quantitative& Technical analyses using the capabilities of man & machine. The investment methodology systematically overlaps multiple sources of data through the use of models and reasoning to create portfolios across asset classes.
Fundamental, Quantitative and Technical methods correspond to long-term, medium-term, and short-term investment time frames respectively. The agenda of a Quantamental investor is to get the job done better, rather than finding the most optimized solution. This means leveraging strengths that each school of investing has to offer to:

Investments are made through a framework

QVGS - Quantamental Value Growth Sentiment

We implement Quantamental Investing through the use of an investing framework -QVGS. The ‘Q’ in the QVGS represents Quantamental and ‘VGS’ represents Value, Growth and Sentiment Market Cycles that govern the movement of an asset class in the long, medium, and short terms respectively.
The effect of Market Cycles is very significant in generating alpha, managing risk, and meeting investment objectives. This is why the framework begins at the Market Level, followed by the Security Level, and finally concludes at the Portfolio Level. Each level is guided by a few Key Principles. The QVGS Framework then integrates these Key Principles in to two Key Processes.

Ready-made Investment Plans

Ready-made Investment Plans for wealth, goals, or cash -flow cater to needs such as creating a buffer for contingencies, retirement funding, wealth creation, goal funding or financing, income or profit generation, tax-saving, or simply capital appreciation.

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Tailor-made Model Portfolios

Alternatively, you can pick any of our Tailor-made Model Portfolios that suit your long, medium, or short-term investment horizons with various risk and reward characteristics made using a multi-strategy and multi-asset approach.

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iFast Financial

iFast is an advisory administration platform that operates as a broker and provides execution and tracking of mutual fund portfolio investments.

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smallcase is a model stock portfolio platform that connects with your brokerage account and allows you to replicate our model stock and ETF portfolio.

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