Systematic yet Personalized

Strategy-Based, System-Driven, and Solution-Oriented investing

We partner with you so that you focus on what you want and we focus on how to get it done. We do our part by segregating and assigning specific decisions to machines or human discretion.

Investment goals
Investment methodology


Strategy-based investing drives emotions out of buy, sell, and allocation calls, creating room for logical and statistical decision-making. Each of our strategies is designed to generate desired risk-reward characteristics and is driven by core investment principles of:

  • Intra-asset and inter-asset diversification
  • Position-sizing
  • Market cycles
  • Cost-minimization
  • Compounding
  • Risk-management
  • Periodic de-risking
  • Capital preservation


Each of our strategies is run as a clock-work process that is reviewed either Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly. This is done across instruments like mutual funds as well as stocks. Whether it rains or shines our systems execute to a schedule that is known in advance.

System-driven also means we always know where to deploy new capital and also know how to redeem it. You need not worry about timing or averaging the market, the system does this. This ensures your hard-earned capital is:

  • Always working
  • Well preserved
  • Readily available
mutual funds by modulor capital
Solution oriented


Strategies are clubbed together as portfolios suitable for specific investor needs, spanning:

  • Funding contingencies
  • Creating psychological buffers
  • Saving for retirement
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Creating new wealth
  • Building a legacy
  • Funding goals
  • Financing luxuries
  • Creating passive income flows
  • Generating profits

We offer two solutions-oriented approaches:

Our multi-disciplinary investment methodology is
Quantamental Investing®.
We implement it for you using an advisory methodology called The PCR-Triangle®.

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