Quantamental Investing®

Our investment methodology

Quantamental Investing® is the culmination of Fundamental, Quantitative, and Technical analyses using the capabilities of man & machine. Fundamental, Quantitative and Technical methods correspond to long-term, medium-term, and short-term investment time frames respectively.

The agenda of a Quantamental investor is to get the job done better, rather than find the most optimized solution. This means leveraging the strengths that each school of investing has to offer. Quantamental Investing systematically overlaps multiple sources of data through the use of models and reasoning to create portfolios across asset classes.

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QVGS - Quantamental Value Growth Sentiment

The investment framework

We implement Quantamental Investing® through the use of an investing framework – QVGS. The ‘Q’ in the QVGS represents Quantamental and ‘VGS’ represents Value, Growth, and Sentiment market cycles that govern the movement of an asset class in the long, medium, and short terms respectively.

The effect of Market Cycles is very significant in generating alpha, managing risk, and meeting investment objectives. This is why the framework begins at the Market Level, followed by the Security Level, and finally concludes at the Portfolio Level. Each level is guided by a few Key Principles.

QVGS Indicators

For long, medium and short-term multi-asset investing

The QVGS Framework is used across asset classes and especially in equity investing. We track India Equity, U.S. Equity, and Gold on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis using the Quantamental Asset Outlook.

Further, within India Equity we track Value, Growth, and Sentiment cycles using the ValueScore, GrowthMode, and SentimentMood indicators for both Active and Passive investing.

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