Asset Management

The QVGS Framework

Investment methodology

The QVGS Framework uses the capabilities of man and machine by systematically overlapping fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis in order to build and manage portfolios across asset classes.

The ‘Q’ in the QVGS represents Quantamental and ‘VGS’ represent Value, Growth and Sentiment Market Cycles which govern movement of an asset class in the long, medium and short terms respectively.

Using the key principles of the QVGS Framework and integrating them into key processes, we have developed 15 Strategies which use Mutual Funds and Direct Equity to construct 11 Portfolios. These portfolios are classified into 4 Suites.

Read in detail about the QVGS Framework and its working on our blog.

Portfolio Suites

Quantamental Investing™ using Mutual Fund Portfolios

Mutual funds are a simple and easy way of creating wealth by participating in multiple asset classes like domestic equities, foreign equity, corporate bonds, government bonds and gold.

The Galactic Suite

Portfolios designed with “Life” in mind

Retirement | Wealth Creation | Goal Funding

When you decide to invest for your future self, be it 10, 20, 30 or 50 years from today, we respect your choice. This choice requires a long term commitment, during which you may encounter:

  • turbulence in the markets and
  • face personal challenges.

    A portfolio suited for “life” in mind is designed to avoid coincidence of turbulence in markets with personal challenges.

The Galactic Suite’s portfolios use mutual funds to create a multi-asset mix.

The Continental Suite

Portfolios designed with “Needs” in mind

Income Generation | Tax Saving

Specific needs such as Income generation and Tax Saving need specialized solutions. Hard earned capital used for income generation or Tax Saving requires:

  • Capital preservation while generating returns
  • Tax efficiency for maximum availability of income.

    A portfolio designed with “needs” in mind provides specifically tailored solutions implementable with ease.

The Continental Suite;s portfolios use mutual funds to create fixed income and tax saving solutions.

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Quantamental Investing™ using Advised Equity Portfolios

Advised stock portfolios are a great way of appreciating capital in the long, medium and short run by investing in specialized strategies to generate alpha and manage risk at a variety of ticket sizes.

The Sapien Suite

Portfolios designed with “Performance” in mind

Short to Medium Term Capital Appreciation | Profit Generation

Appreciation of capital in the short to medium term is possible by participating selectively in the stock markets using algorithms to make consistent trading decisions.The key is to:

  • identify consistent recurring patterns and
  • cover the investment journey in short sprints, rather than long marathons

    A portfolio suited for “performance” is designed to gain slightly faster than the broad market in smooth times and preserve those gains in turbulent times.

The Sapien Suite’s portfolios use long only equity strategies for short to medium term capital appreciation.

The Butterfly Suite

Portfolios designed with “Wealth Creation” in mind

Long Term Capital Appreciation

A butterfly flapping its wings at one end of the planet today, can brew a storm at the other end tomorrow. Chaos Theory shows us how final outcomes are highly sensitive to initial conditions. The key is to:

  • Identify themes and relevant securities and
  • Carefully handhold till realization of profits.

    A portfolio suited with “Future” in mind builds upon themes which are small today, but have the potential to become big game changers in the future.

The Butterfly Suite’s portfolios use long only equity strategies for long term capital appreciation.

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Galactic Retirement

The Galactic Retirement portfolio intends to create a foundation corpus that may be required by any individual at any stage of life to cover non-insurable exigencies.

Galactic Wealth

True wealth is experienced when others’ efforts work to enrich the investor by taking appropriate risks. This can be done with the help of Growth Oriented Assets (i.e. Domestic Equity, International Equity and Gold).

Cygnus Goals

Long term goals require accumulation of capital over a number of years to a point when it is ready for use. One of the best asset classes to fund important and time-sensitive goals is Equity.

Continental Income

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Continental Tax

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Butterfly Index

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Butterfly Emerging

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How it Works?

Mutual Funds

Advised Equity Portfolios



Client-Adviser Alignment

As SEBI Registered Investment Advisers, not only do we have a fiduciary responsibility mandated by law, but also we align our incentives for portfolio growth. With commissions and paybacks out of the way, our sole objective is efficient growth of capital. Simply put, we earn more if the portfolio grows more. This means we are committed to lower costs, better returns and best risk management practices. We charge a percentage of the portfolio as advisory fee and work hard to ensure we make every bit worth it.

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